Welcome to the Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition (PGPN)

Given the rapid changes in the field of nutrition and their relevance to pediatric health, updates in best practices in pediatric nutrition are long overdue. The Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition (PGPN) offers a unique opportunity for busy health care professionals to upgrade their knowledge and practice skills in pediatric nutrition.

PGPN, an educational initiative, brought to you by MedInscribe, is developed and offered in association with Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and supported by Nestlé Nutrition Institute & Wyeth Nutrition Science Center.

A multidisciplinary panel of experts in the field of pediatric nutrition is actively mentoring this program with the goal of providing a holistic perspective on practical aspects of the subject.

The program is designed to help update health care professionals on the most current information, to integrate pediatric nutrition into clinical practice; and to familiarize them with evidence-based guidelines and recommendations on key aspects of pediatric nutrition.

We highly appreciate your interest in this program and look forward to your participation.

Warm regards
Dr Carine M Lenders MD, MS, ScD
Director, Division of Pediatric Nutrition,
Boston Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA